Thursday, July 9, 2009


It seems as if a heated battle has broken out due to the blog post I put up yesterday. A classic rivalry has spawned in the middle of an observation and the two parties are not very happy about it. Goomba doesn't want to be left out, and Buzzy Beetle says he earned his place in the 2nd play-through.

Goomba and Buzzy Beetle will be going head to head in a 1 round match that will last up until this Sunday Sunday SUNDAY!!!
VOTE HERE to determine the winner!!!

Buzzy Beetle isn't worried and says he thinks he's in no danger at all. His is extremely tough and is even fireproof. He may even have a few tricks up his shell concerning spinning. He's one tough competitor!

Goomba is a wily character and is determined to retain his place in the game. We expect him to attempt to utilize his [slight] speed advantage over Buzzy Beetle to work in his favor and he's even been working on his jumping.

This will be one to watch!

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