Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bomber Blueprints Update

I decided the layout of the Bomber Blueprints DA Journal wasn't as cool as it could be, so I revamped the layout and design of the page. Now the Robot Masters are shown in metal frames (Mega Man 3 style) in the order they are shown in their respective Stage Select screens.

It was pretty hilarious setting it up. I used Wood Man's frame as a placeholder while I put in all the links and whatnot. I thought to myself, that would be a pretty easy game... All 8 bosses Wood Man? HA

This also leaves me with a spot in the middle of each set of 8 for an extra picture. I will most likely set each one to an appropriate character. Here's what i'm thinking:

1 Mega Man
2 Dr. Light
3 Roll
4 Dr. Cossack
5 Protoman
6 Dr. Wily
7 Auto
8 Duo
9 Megaman (newer pic)

I've also gotten some new drawings of bosses...ones of the MegaMan 9 variety!

Keep a look out for newly finished pictures!



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