Monday, February 2, 2009

February 2

This was me last week. We had no power due to an ice storm. There was enough juice in the generator to run a heater, fluorescent light, and a small TV to watch LOST. It wasn't really that cold, but at one point it felt like it.

I drew this lil Rocketeer during the same power-less few days without a reference. He's missing the helmet vents and some rivets, but i'm pleased with how he turned out. Gotta love that movie!

I'm breaking back into the February Draw-Every-Day Challenge over at the Sketch Tavern again. Fun times already! This is a do-over of the Mario drawing I did for the 1st. Much better if you ask me. Wa-Hooooo!!!!

Atomic Robo is a fantastic comic, one of my all-time favorites! He's such a fun character, and he's always so witty. Go check out the comic if you haven't read it! also, flying skull things surely aren't uncommon to Robo. (heehee.. He's fun to draw :D)

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